The AARF logo shows three animals on a yellow AARF life raft, floating on the sea with gray clouds; sunlight peeks down on them, representing hope.

Mailing List and Facebook

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AARFUpdate Email List and Facebook

We want to broadcast information related to AARF animals, adoptions and events that range from almost real time to quarterly publications, as well as providing a way for AARF friends and animal lovers to share their feelings and and photos. We have a few methods; all come on an opt–basis.

We have our web site at, and we have published newsletters. Those can be visited and read by all interested parties at the time of their choosing.

There is a need to broadcast timely information about things such as adoptions and events; for that we have a announce–only email list, which can be subscribed to and un–subscribed from to at any time.

And of course, we have a two–way mechanism for sharing of info and photos — Facebook (see below).

Since you are reading this, we assume you know about our web site. The newsletters are readily available from the navigation section on the left of all current pages. On this page, we’ll describe the email list and our Facebook page.

aarfupdate Email List

The first is the Aarfupdate email list, called aarfupdate (from now on, we’ll call it the “list”). Interested people subscribe to it (becoming members of the list) and then we use the list to inform members about AARF happenings.

It is designed as a one–way broadcasting system: from us at AARF to the members who have subscribed to the list. That is, once you subscribe, only AARF (and a few people at that) can send you emails. You cannot get emails from anyone else, not any postings they try or replies to our emails.

In fact, replies to list emails go only to the AARF administrators (called List Moms in list–speak); they are read, dealt with if a reply is needed and then discarded. This keeps the list in one–way mode.

We try to keep the number of emails down to the most time critical announcements. We tend to mostly highlight adoptable animals or timely events of interest.

Expect to see at most one email a week.

Here are typical samples of emails we send out.

If you use rules or special filing or labeling systems, we can help. In our list emails, the subject line should always start with


To Join the List — Subscribe and Un–subscribe Directions

You control the subscription and un–subscription process (we will use the word unsubscribe from here on out even if we have a cranky spell checker. It’s a real word in the tech business.)

There are two ways to subscribe to the list and one way to unsubscribe.

Subscribe method #1

  1. Visit this web page to fill out a form.

  2. Scroll down to the Subscribing to Aarfupdate section and fill it out.

  3. There is no Step #3.

Subscribe method #2

This should launch your email client and create the email for you.

  1. Click on the link below to send an email to:
    this address

  2. If the link worked correctly, an email should have been created with just the one word, Subject in it (no punctuation such as quote marks, just the one word, Subscribe as the entire subject).

  3. Be sure to set the address you *want subscribed* (that is, the email address to which you want the emails sent). You will send the email from the address you want us to send the list emails to.

  4. You can leave the body of the email blank or put the word Subscribe into it as well.

  5. You’ll get a confirmation email.


  1. Unsubscribe from the list by visiting the same web page as in subscribe method #1:

    Go to this web page

  2. Scroll down to the Aarfupdate Subscribers section and enter the email address you subscribed with (the one you get the aarfupdate emails sent to).

  3. Important: You’ll get a confirmation email with directions that you must follow to complete the unsubscription process.

Want to CHANGE your email address?

You’ll need to subscribe to your newly desired email address and then unsubscribe from the existing one (or vice versa).


We created a fan page called “AARF Anguilla” (we needed to call it that because there many other AARFs out there). We also have a private group (see below) for photos and stories of adopted pets.

To find us, sign on to Facebook (you need an account) and search for Aarf Anguilla or follow this link.

Then (you knew this was coming), you need to “Like” us. This is how Facebook pages work. You have to like a page to join it (as opposed to personal pages run by individuals; in those cases, you connect via friend requests).

Or just go to the top of our main page and click on the Like button.

You should then start to see our postings. To stop seeing them, simply do an Unlike on our Facebook page. (This is like unfriending personal accounts when you get tired of them.)

AARF administrators monitor this account, but don’t watch it every minute. We liken this account to be like a public park where we can post things and where people can stand on a soapbox and speak out.

That said, this being Facebook, people can post (and rant, and joke, and be passionate, emotional and indignant) about all sorts of subjects.

So we ask that AARF friends consider the impact of postings.

In particular, we believe in the power of positive postings, even about subjects like animal cruelty or misfortune. We do not believe that posting graphic photos of distressed (or worse) animals helps to solve the problem. First, we are all animal lovers and we are all are against animal cruelty and sad animal situations. Posting photos of such will not convert us. We would prefer to see happier "after" photos, with any needed background text as opposed to a photo showing an emaciated dog, dead whales or whatever.

Besides, we have young people on our site.

We will not tolerate abusive images, and can block postings and even ban abusive posters.

In fact, we have some Facebook guidelines for our page.

And for the love of all things furry (or scaly, the webmaster likes scaly things), please do not “TAG” AARF with a photo or posting that has nothing to do with AARF. Of course, we welcome AARF–related tags showing AARF animals and friends.

Anguillian Pet Owners Facebook Group

The Anguillian Pet Owners was created by Kevin L. It is made up of people (mostly in the USA and Canada) who adopted an Anguillian pet. It is a closed group, so you have to request membership.

Join if you have an adopted Anguillian pet or — are just interested in seeing really fun photos and stories about tropical pets!

Want to Reach US?

To reach AARF quickly, we strongly suggest using email or the AARF cell phone (if on Anguilla) to contact us. Email is the best option.

Using Facebook messaging or posting to Facebook may get lost or take longer to reach us.