The AARF logo shows three animals on a yellow AARF life raft, floating on the sea with gray clouds; sunlight peeks down on them, representing hope.

Events and Programs

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Freedom Flight Airlift of Post–Hurricane and other Pets to the USA

April 2018: Our second huge evacuation airlift, which we’ve called “Freedom Flight” to the USA was a great success!

On April 3 2018, after a huge amount of planning, we sent 18 dogs and 3 cats to the United States via a Calypso ferry to St. Maarten, followed by a chartered cargo plane to San Juan, followed by a flight to Miami, and then a drive to Orlando.

In October, just after the hurricanes, we did our first airlift as part of a multi–island evacuation dubbed “Saints to States”.

See just below on this page for links to both stories and photos of both airlifts.


Events and Initiatives

AARF has many events during the year to reach out to the community as well as to raise funds and raise publicity for our animals and the organization. Among these are our great Second Chances thrift store which now runs year–round and benefits the less fortunate as well as being a fundraiser, raffles at the famous Roy's Happy Hours on Fridays (during high season, visits to local schools to talk about animal care, health and biology. We write several informative articles covering dog and cat care, safety, treatment and other issues. We have staffed various fairs held by the government and other organizations to keep AARF in front of the people.

Here are some of our recurring events:

Post Hurricane Airlifts

Our Two Major Airlifts

Collage of Freedom Flight

We had two major evacuation airlifts after the two major Hurricanes (Irma, and then Maria) hit us.

In October 2017, after Category 5 Hurricane Irma destroyed and battered several islands, including Anguilla, St. Maarten/Martin, St. Barts and Barbuda, Irma continued on towards Florida leaving a path of even more destruction, Then, Maria passed close enough to cause more wind and water damage, and headed for Puerto Rico and other islands. Both hurricanes were Category 5 storms, although we here on Anguilla think of Irma as a 6 or 7.

After Irma, on Anguilla, the AARF shelter was damaged and without electricity or even moving air. When we learned we could participate in a multi–island evacuation of dogs and cats, we scrambled to make it happen.

Months later, in April 2018, the situation was better, but there were still unwanted animals on the island, and we participated in another great evacuation, which required a lot of planning, time and of course, funds to pull off. But we did, and the stories are below.

Read on for the stories and photos:

  • April 03 2018: Freedom Flight, which sent unwanted dogs and cats to Orlando via St. Maarten, San Juan and Miami.
  • October 06 2017: Operation “Saints to States” which came just after Hurricane Irma, the ARC evacuation. We took part in order to empty our dark, powerless AARF shelter.

By the way, we have some links to reports and stories about hurricanes Irma and Maria on our Links page.

Second Chances Boutique Thrift Store

Our boutique store has bounced back from its destruction due to Hurricane Irma and very nice gently used items for sale at great prices, including (items vary):

Store entrance

New building


  • clothes for everyone in the family
  • housewares
  • linens
  • hundreds of books, nicely arrayed in easy–to–browse shelves
  • artwork
  • electronics (including printers)
  • new rag rugs made and donated by Charlotte Berglund
  • games
  • jewelry
  • pet toys
  • purses
  • toys
  • some school backpacks
  • and more

Come by! We are in the MegaDepot building in The Farrington. See the following link for the open hours, directions and to learn all about the thrift store.

Roy’s Friday Night Happy Hour Raffles

If it isn’t obvious by now, Mandy and Roy are huge supporters of ours and, at various times of the year, we have popular Friday night raffles that benefit AARF.

When they are on, come by Roy’s Bayside Grill in Sandy Ground for happy hour dinner (choice of two full dinners each Friday), dessert and of course, drinks from 5:00–7 p.m. Roy's dinner and drink specials are extremely popular, so come by to meet people and be part of the scene. You will help us and maybe get a great prize.

We have a new raffle every Friday, with fun prizes.

Raffle tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5 and the drawing is before 7 p.m. Winner must be present to win.

Some of our friends bring raffle prizes when they come to Anguilla, and that is very much appreciated.

The raffle proceeds go into AARF’s Spay/Neuter fund, which provides free surgeries to help stop the births of unwanted puppies and kittens on Anguilla.

Directions to Roy’s Bayside Grill in Sandy Ground

Roy’s in Sandy Ground


For larger maps, click on the image to the right.

Written directions:

Take the road towards Sandy Ground. As you drive down the hill, the salt pond will be on the right.

At the bottom of the hill, the road curves around to the right and right when it straightens out, there will be a a road that goes to the left while the other part more or less goes straight ahead to the center of Sandy Ground.

Take the road to the left. It goes to the port and main jetty, as well as to Roy’s.

The main port and jetty are used by the larger ships delivering goods to Anguilla. On most days, expect to pass many trucks parked on the road waiting to enter the port. Carefully drive past them.

Roy’s will be the last business on the right before going into the port facility; it has a small parking lot (and there is other parking on the other side of the street.

Warning: Do not enter the port area.

FYI: Roy’s has both a Facebook page and a web site with menus, photos and other details.

Dog Washes and Vaccination Clinics

Click to see photos

We have been regularly working with the Saint James School of Medicine and Morlens Veterinary Clinic to hold special dog washes and vaccination clinics. We have now had several very successful event.

With dog/puppy/cat wash events, AARF partners with the SJSM and Morlens Veterinary Clinic with an important community outreach project that serves to give needy pets flea and tick shampoos, vaccinations, exams and allows for educating the public about fleas/ticks/parasites (and their dangers).

As an added benefit, these events provide a chance for face to face education about the need for spay and neuter — and the fact that financial assistance is able to reduce the cost to free in many cases! (AARF pays for the surgeries.)

See our dog wash pages for photos.Our latest was in March of 2018.

Paws For a Cause Shelter Improvement Events

Our Shelter Improvement events help us raise money for improvements to the Shelter/Adoption Center. We made these improvements to date:

  • Installed new puppy/dog runs with tiled flooring and cleanable, airy fencing (in the puppy/dog shelter room)
  • Created large kennels with 2 separate play areas
  • Built a large cattery area, with space and surfaces for the cats and kittens to roam, climb, perch and play
  • Installed electricity and ceiling fans in both the cat and puppy areas
  • Installed window screens to keep mosquitoes and other nasties out
  • Repaired the surgery room window, installing a door and window to keep it cleaner and facilitating air conditioning
  • Built a large outside puppy play area that gives the puppies fresh air and outside time. The puppies love it!

And with this year's proceeds, we plan to build a separate entrance to the AARF Shelter area so that visitors and potential adopters do not have to pass through the surgery or treatment rooms at Morlens Veterinary clinic. This will keep those areas more sterile and private. The fundraiser concluded and our list of winners can be found here.

Winners List

The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation’s annual fundraising event for our latest shelter improvement project concluded on Monday May 1, 2017 at Straw Hat with owner Anne Parles drawing the 20 winning tickets.

Through the efforts of volunteers and supporters, all 600 tickets were sold, and we had winners from Anguilla, the USA and Canada.

We are grateful to all of the businesses that continue to partner and support AARF and the animals in our care. They truly care enough to donate valuable prizes and if you can support them, please do!

The donors, winners and their prizes are:

  • Four Seasons — Bill and Carla (Arizona)
  • Cap Juluca — Mary Ann (Anguilla and Boston)
  • Lynne Birnbaum Art (framed by Tanya Clark — Dianne (Pennsylvania)
  • Straw Hat — Deb (Florida)
  • Funtime Shuttle — Peter (Anguilla)
  • Massage from Suri — Sally (Anguilla and Maine)
  • Picante — Remi (St Martin)
  • Savannah Gallery — Carol (Anguilla)
  • Cuisinart — Janis (Anguilla)
  • Dulcimer and Elvis Gift Certificate — Steve (NY)
  • Limin’ Boutique — Ethel (Anguilla)
  • Mango’s - Marian (Anguilla)
  • Seaside Stables — Amanda (Canada)
  • Straw Hat - Janis (Canada)
  • Mani/pedi from Suri — Kelly (Maryland)
  • SandBar — Devon (Pennsylvania)
  • Elvis’ Beach Bar — Shanique (Anguilla)
  • Straw Hat — Sandra (Tennessee and Anguilla)
  • Kate Spencer Watercolor — Jiggs Richardson Collection — Trudy (Anguilla)
  • Massage from Jill Walker — Ivy (Anguilla and Washington DC)

Since the Shelter Improvement event uses a raffle system, payments are not tax deductible. We advise checking with a tax professional.

Membership Drives

We always welcome new members, who are vital to our success. We sometimes hold membership drives in public spots (such as at the Post Office) to sign up new members. Members can vote for officers in our Annual General Meetings.

But you can join (or renew your membership at any time), using our online form, or by using PayPal.

( If you use PayPal or mail your check to AARC, our Florida 501(c)(3) corporation your membership should be tax–deductible). Click here to learn more about our membership program and how to become a member. Thank you in advance for joining!

Valley Street Festivals

The Anguilla Tourist Board had an idea to create a street fair that would showcase and celebrate great things about Anguilla: food, live music, culture, art and people — all in a festival in a central location that would attract locals and visitors. They now have them every few months on a Saturday in the middle of The Valley (next to the People’s Market).

With plenty of booths and stalls featuring lots of homemade/home grown local goodies, there are things of interest to everyone: food, produce, plants, arts and crafts and other items.

A nearby music stage and sound system broadcast local bands, and other events (like a drumming circle open to everyone).

AARF volunteers staff a booth mostly selling some used books and pet supplies. And of course, we are on hand to answer any questions and meet people. Stop by and see us!

We talked about staffing past festivals in newsletters, such as 2012/Q2, 2011/Q2)