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Helping Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation

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Donations and Ways to Help AARF

Here is a quick summary of ways to help, which are explained in detail further below:

Cash Donations:

  • Use Paypal to make a tax–deductible donation to AARC, which is AARF’s Florida 501(c)(3) corporation, the Anguilla Animal Rescue Corporation. Click on the kitten button on this page to get the Paypal link.
  • Make a tax–deductible donation to AARC by sending a check to:
    • Anguilla Animal Rescue Corporation
    • c/o Mark Baumwell
    • 549 Lakeshore Blvd. #3
    • Incline Village, NV 89451
    • USA
  • Donate to AARF in Anguilla (this is not deductible). Anything sent to AARF Anguilla does not qualify for deduction (only AARC has tax–deductibility status).
  • Shop or visit other sites that allow donations to registered charities. Typically, they offer a way to look up 501(c)(3) charities. Look for the Anguilla Animal Rescue Corporation. As an example, we have gotten donations from Humble Bumble.



Other Ways to Donate or Help:

  • Donate to our Second Chances Thrift store. 100% of our proceeds go directly and only to our AARF animals
  • Volunteer at the shelter (come and pet puppies and kittens!)
  • Transport pets to the USA and or Canada when you fly back
  • Foster
  • Help us with our Wish List items. Often these are things we cannot get on island
  • Become an AARF Member
  • Do your Amazon shopping using the Amazon Smile program. When you do, AARF gets a donation from Amazon at no cost to you at all (Amazon donates part of its profit to AARC to the charity of your choice. See our Amazon Smile section lower down on this page for the details
  • Drive animals to and from the clinic for surgery or other medical treatment
  • Support our various events by helping or participating
  • Join our Mailing List or follow us on Facebook page and Owner group



The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation (AARF) is an all-volunteer, 100% unpaid organization which receives no government — or any other — funding.

All of our funding comes from generous private donations from our supporters, income from AARF events, sales of a small bit of merchandise and from our Second Chances Thrift store. All monies received go entirely into our programs for our animals: our kittens, puppies, dogs and cats.

Besides our main general fund, we have several specific programs (we call them “Funds”) that earmark contributions for specifically called–out purposes. They are often named after or by the founders. We have several and you can read about them below in our Funds section.

If you can help us out, we thank you very, very much!

At present we offer various options for donating and helping, from financial donations, to goods we need, to volunteering. (Even coming in for a few minutes to walk a dog or play with a kitten or puppy would be greatly appreciated!). These include:

  • Donate using PayPal

    Make a tax–deductible donation using PayPal, check, eCheck, a check sent to AARC in Florida or by other means. This goes to our Florida subsidiary, AARC (Anguilla Animal Rescue Corporation) that has 501(c)(3) charitable status and thus is deductible. Donors can specify specific Funds, Events or any Program for all or parts of donations. This can be done no matter how the donation is made.

    When using PayPal, they (PayPal) control all of the forms and web pages, so specifying a specific Fund, Program or event, gets a bit tricky. See below for more on this. All donations go into our main fund unless you specify otherwise. See below for specific fund descriptions.

  • Donate to AARF in Anguilla (this is not deductible). Again, specify any Fund, etc. when donating.
  • Drop off Donated goods for our Second Chances Thrift store. Bring the goods to the store when it’s open, or drop them off at any time to our shelter. (Links and maps here). The store is a major fundraiser for us, and the store is fueled entirely by donations. We also take donated goods and prizes for raffles and other fundraising events
  • Become a Volunteer. Work at our new Second Chances Thrift Store, help out at events, with our programs and more.
  • Foster. Sometimes short term fostering is needed. We also have the ability for foster volunteers to take home a lonely shelter guest over a weekend or Anguilla holiday.
  • Send or bring us things on our Wish List.
  • Become an AARF Member. Members can vote at our Annual General Meeting to elect officers. Learn more about memberships here.
  • Go to Amazon Smile!

    Shop at Amazon using the charitable Amazon Smile program. Just shop using instead of Everything else about your regular Amazon account stays the same, but Amazon donates a half percent to the charity of your choice. In our case, the charity is AARC, our non profit organization in Florida. No money comes out of your pocket at all; it’s Amazon that does the donating. The button to the right will take you to the Amazon shopping page specifically tied to AARC.
  • From time to time, we have a need for volunteers to drive animals to and from the clinic for surgery or other medical treatment. Not all people have their own transportation, so we look for volunteers to help them and us. Volunteers can borrow crates from the shelter if needed, pick up the animal at home, transport her to the clinic and/or transport her home again when she is done at the vet’s.
  • Support our various events.
  • Join our low volume, no spam email Mailing List or follow us on Facebook to keep current!

PayPal, Check, eCheck Donations

(These are Tax–Deductible)

If you would like to donate using PayPal, please use the PayPal button below or the identical one at the top of this page. (Or the “Donate to AARF” button in our navigation column.)

It’s best to use these buttons because they are linked to our PayPal account. We have had a couple of instances when someone tried to find us using Google or other search engine and found one of the other AARFs out there (there are several). They then followed the link, used their donate button and donated to them. If you use a search engine, please make sure the Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation AARF link is the one you use! Once, you hit PayPal, double check the name to make sure you are working with the right organization.

When you Click on the Donate Button, What Happens?

First, the donation will go to AARC, our Florida subsidiary, which as an accredited 501(c)(3) organization, qualifies as a tax deductible donation (see below for more information about AARC).

As you go through the process, you will be taken to PayPal’s secure log-on site. There, you will complete your transaction (you decide how much to donate and whether to to use your PayPal funds, credit card, etc.). Once finished, after confirmation, you will then be brought back to this (AARF) web site.

Special Instructions for a Donation

If you want your donation to go to a specific Fund, purpose or event when using PayPal, we need to know from you. This is because PayPal controls the entire process and the process, forms and experience come entirely from PayPal. And they provide only one place for you to let us know about the specifics of your donation.

As you fill out the PayPal form, there is a place to “Add any special instructions to AARF”, but it is sometimes not obvious!

This is PayPal’s form and we can’t change it, so we apologize if it’s hard to find or if PayPal changes the form. The above line may appear as text or as a link (with a box, button, underlined or otherwise what looks like a link or control), but clicking on it makes a text box appear and that is where you type in your text.

Please use that text box to enter where you want the donation to go. Examples of when you would want to put something in the Special Instructions are:

  • Our main fund (straight donation)
  • Donation to a particular Fund or Program (a list of funds and programs is below)
  • Special items such as a special event
  • Memberships
  • If you are buying merchandise (shirt, hat, etc.), we'd like you to note the purchased items in the special instructions section and also provide shipping or other contact information if you want it mailed to you in the USA (we would try and send the item with a returning volunteer, so it is pretty much USA only at this time; contact us if you are interested in having something mailed to you.)
  • Any personal message you have for us!

The Add Special instructions section inside PayPal will look something like this. You have to click on the small link to add instructions or any kind of note:

Special instructions section highlighted

Please let us know your desires or thoughts for for any check or donation, not just for PayPal. We only point out the special PayPal instructions because we have no control over the form or process that PayPal uses.

Donate to AARC in Florida

Alternatively, to get the tax deductible benefit, mail a check to Anguilla Animal Rescue Corporation (AARC) in Florida. AARC is a registered United States 501(c)(3) non profit corporation. Again, for specific Funds or purposes, please let us know.

The address for checks and other payment mechanisms is:

  • Anguilla Animal Rescue Corporation — R. Taillon
  • c/o D. Tabor
  • 9715 Dahlia Avenue
  • Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
  • USA

Electronic Check/Transfers to AARC

We also receive eChecks, which is also done via PayPal. More about eChecks here.

About Our Tax Deductible Status

On April 27, 2012, our Florida subsidiary, the Anguilla Animal Rescue Corporation (AARC) was granted 501(c)(3) status by the United States Internal Revenue Service. See our official IRS acceptance letter (called a Letter of Determination). (Note that the AARC office mailing address that is in the determination letter has changed; the correct address is above.)

This means your donation via PayPal (which is linked to our AARC bank account) should be deductible on your U.S. income tax filing (we encourage you to double check with your tax preparer).

We have a PayPal button below on this page, or you can use the image in our Navigation column if you are on other pages. That image will send you to the button on this page.

Make sure to save your PayPal receipts. You will get a confirmation from PayPal.

PayPal donations made using your credit card will show a line item listing us on your credit card statement; the transaction will show a payment to PayPal and should have a code showing AARF as AARFANGUILL.

Another way to give a deductible donation would be via checks written to AARC (our Florida Corporation, not AARF). Checks to AARC go into our Florida bank account; thus they too should be deductible.

(Note: while we have confidence in this, we are not tax experts, so please double check with your tax specialist).

Check or Donation to AARF in Anguilla

(Not Tax–Deductible)

Please mail your check to our Treasurer, come by the shelter — or come to any of our events and give it to a an AARF volunteer. This is not deductible. Our mailing address in Anguilla is:

  • AARF
  • P.O. Box RI–4228
  • Anguilla, BWI AI–2640

Donated goods

Donated goods for our Second Chances Thrift store can be dropped off at the shelter. We have receipts for cash and goods at the shelter.

Transport a Pet When You fly back to the USA or Canada

For people wanting a cute Anguillian puppy or kitten, but who can’t come to Anguilla, we have our Anguilla Puppy Express program (which of course includes kittens and cats!). The program rescues otherwise unwanted pets and gives them fabulous homes.

APE is a very successful transport program that has sent hundreds of Anguillian dogs and cats to the USA and Canada for adoption (this as of mid 2018).

AARF does the paperwork, provides the airline fee, a carrier, medical and Customs/Immigration paperwork1, a travel kit and, of course, help with any questions about the process.

There is no expense to the volunteer. All the APE volunteer has to do is make a pet reservation with the airline2 and escort the pet, who will usually be under the seat in front of the traveler on the plane. In North America, the traveler is met at the US airport by the adoptive family or one of our rescue partners take the pet and find them forever homes.

Many people love to transport our pets. In fact, the number of volunteers keeps growing and very many have transported more than once. They all say it’s a wonderful experience and are happy to help find a fantastic forever home in the US.

And it’s funded entirely through donations to our Puppy Express Fund.

Island dogs and cats are the best; we have too many success stories to mention! You should come here and take a loving part of Anguilla back home with you!

Contact us if you are interested in transporting a puppy or kitten, or to find out where our partners are in case you want your own furry Anguillian pet!


1. Health Certificate, shot records, etc. Note that Anguilla is recognized by the USA and Canada as a rabies–free country.

2. NOTE: the passenger seat can not be in an exit or bulkhead row!


To participate in the work of AARF, you need only be as active as your time permits.

We are always looking for committed volunteers willing to work at the AARF Shelter facilitating adoptions and giving extra tender loving care to our shelter guests. Training is provided, along with wet snouts to kiss and soft eyes to look into. Even an hour or two here and there helps socialize our guests. Some have never been held before!

  • Volunteer (at the shelter/adoption center, our Thrift Store, events — or even just drop by to visit.
  • Foster puppies, kittens, and older dogs and cats. The main goal is to socialize and play with them to get them to be around people. For short–time fostering, consider giving a shelter guest a weekend or holiday at your home.
  • Transport rescued or surrendered/unwanted animals to the clinic.

You can also join our other committees and subcommittees:

  • Education
  • Adoption
  • Communications
  • Volunteer
  • Policies and Procedures

If you are interested in volunteering to help at the Thrift store, at the Shelter or with vital areas such as Adoptions, Education or Fundraising, please send us an email. Send our Volunteer Chairperson a pre-addressed email (if this does not work, please use our General Email address).


Members support AARF with annual dues. Members can vote at our Annual General Meeting to elect officers. Learn more about memberships here .


At times, we need foster homes for emergency situations in which an animal (usually a puppy or kitten) needs extra attention such as socializing. Your job in this case is to provide a secure, escape–proof place for the animal, and to spend lots of time holding, petting and providing love!

Another great volunteer activity is taking a lonely shelter guest to your secure home for a weekend of socialization. Oftentimes, this is also particularly welcome during holidays when the clinic is closed.

Wish List

Some items we've received and always love to get are on our main page. We update it as needed.

Most of our items are things we simply cannot get here or are overpriced. We use these items in the shelter and often for transporters taking puppies, kittens, dogs and cats to adoptive homes abroad (and are sometimes returned by returning visitors!

Shop at Amazon and Amazon Donates to Us!

If you shop at Amazon, you can do so and donate money to us with no changes to you. It’s all thanks to Amazon's charitable program called Amazon Smile.

Everything about the Amazon experience — all prices, selection, shipping, etc. — are exactly the same as if you went through your normal Amazon web page, but in this case, Amazon donates a small percentage of its profit to AARF (actually to AARC, our Florida subsidiary). Your shopping experience with Amazon remains the same except that you use a slightly different web page on Amazon (one that Amazon sets up specifically for the program).

You personally are not donating anything, so you get no impact to your wallet; the prices Amazon charge are exactly the same.

Just shop as you do now, and Amazon does the rest. Here is Amazon’s page that describes the Amazon Smile program.

If you want to support us and have an Amazon account, go to, log in to your Amazon account and choose the charity of your choice (you can change at any time, but if you choose the Anguilla Animal Rescue Corporation, we will get the benefits. If you want a shortcut, use this link that directly references AARC. Or use the graphic below (both go to the same place).

Then bookmark the smile page. After that has been done, just always use that Smile bookmark.

small graphic with the word Note in a box For this to work, you must go to to shop; do not use your regular site. However, this is identical to your page.The page simply has a reference to the charity of your choice. If you do not want Amazon to make a donation for some reason, then use the regular page.

To see how this works, get started now. Use the Get started button in the Amazon graphic below to link yourself with AARC as your charity of choice (you can choose any charity you like at any time, but this links as a shortcut to us at AARC).

Anguilla Animal Rescue Corporation / AARC


When you have properly linked to us on the Amazon site, you should see something like the following graphic at the top left of your page. It should show that you are on Smile and that AARF is the beneficiary. If both your name and AARC appears, you are set!

Once it is all set up correctly, just bookmark the link, and use it from there on out. That’s all there is to it!

Join our Mailing List and Facebook Groups

Please also join our low volume, announce–only, no spam (and low volume) aarfupdate email list and consider joining us on our main AARF Anguilla Facebook page. There is a also a great Facebook group called Anguillian Pet Owners which has great photos of adopted Anguillian dogs and cats.

Funds and Programs

In addition to AARF’s General Fund, several special funds have been established.

Some exist to accomplish specific tasks to facilitate care, s/neuter, adoptions and more. Many have been founded in memory of a loved one.

Friends of West End Fund

Established in late 2007, this fund offers selective financial assistance providing care for puppies, dogs, kittens or cats that are in need in the West End. It is specific to dogs and cats in the West End.

Care given includes vaccinations, de–worming and s/neuter surgery.

The fund also supplies additional care that might be needed, including food, leashes, collars, flea and tick medications and heartworm pills for puppies, dogs, kittens and/or cats of families in the West End who may not be able or willing to these additional needed expenses.

Provision is also made to fund a feral cat Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) program in targeted West End locations and the feeding of feral cat colonies established as a result of the TNR project.

If you would like to donate, please indicate on your PayPal donation or check that the donation is to be earmarked for Friends of West End.

Puppy Express Fund (includes kittens of course!)

Established in 2013, the AARF Puppy Express Fund (APE) focuses on transporting shelter puppies and kittens to rescue groups in the United States and Canada. After that, the rescue partners find homes for them. This fund is fully supported by specific donations to the APE fund; no other AARF funds are used.

Not all shelter animals are able to find homes in Anguilla; sadly we often have an oversupply versus the demand.

Caring individuals, associated with rescue organizations (or on their own) in the United States and Canada have come forward to foster and find loving forever homes for our animals. Some of these rescuers are able to cover expenses through their own donations and/or those of the adopters; some are not.

The Puppy Express Fund helps with those expenses: airline pet fees, veterinary expenses such as health certificates and vaccinations needed for international travel, extra boarding at the shelter while waiting for volunteers who will take the animals with them to their new location, carrier, a travel kit and other related expenses.

Transportation of the new pet to the rescuer results from individuals traveling from Anguilla who volunteer to take the puppies with them in the plane and meet the rescuer at the new location. Calypso Boat Charters of Anguilla provides a discounted fare from Anguilla to the St. Maarten airport for each person who transports one of our AARF animals and we very very much appreciate their doing this on behalf of the animals.

Donations to the Puppy Express Fund may be made via PayPal, check, credit card, or cash, with a note designating that it is for the APE fund. If you wish to have your donation go toward the expenses of a particular animal, you may so specify. While most of the animals helped via this fund are puppies, the fund may also be used for kittens, dogs, and cats.

In 2013: of 281 available animals up for adoption, 129 were sent to the US or Canada, paid for by specific donations. No funds donated for any fund raising projects or donations for other funds or events were used for the Anguilla Puppy Express.

In short, donations to APE save a life that otherwise might not have been possible and provides a great home via a rescuer who finds the right family for the right pet.

Sponsor & Extend Fund

The Sponsor and Extend Fund is established for the specific purpose of paying for the extension of a shelter guest after his/her due date at the AARF shelter has passed without an adoption.

The fund is supported by specific donations that have been designated for the purpose of sponsoring/extending animals at the shelter.

The fund covers boarding, additional vaccinations, worming or other needed medical care as a result of the extension.

Lehigh Fund in Memory of David Johnson

David Johnson was a kind and generous man, who, with his partner Frank Costin were wonderful “Foster Dads” to many of AARF’s puppies awaiting adoption.

David passed away in July of 2005 and Frank requested that anyone wishing to send a gift in David’s memory do so via a contribution to AARF in the name of David’s beloved cocker spaniel, Lehigh.

Lehigh was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer when she was eleven. David brought her down to Anguilla from Canada where she had lived part of the year so she could be warm and they could give her constant care until the end of her life. AARF made a bequest in David’s memory and established this fund in memoriam.

This fund has been set up as a tribute to David and Frank's love of all creatures, great and small and especially Lehigh.

The purpose of The Lehigh Memorial Fund is to assist pet owners in paying for either emergency care or other medical treatment for their pets that they may not be able to afford.

A decision to invoke the use of this fund involves the diagnosis made by the examining veterinarian and the AARF Shelter Management Committee.

In addition to donations made to the fund, several collection boxes have been placed around the island, and all proceeds from these boxes go into the fund.

We hope that this fund will continue to grow in the years to come, not only to help the many needy dogs and cats of Anguilla, but also as a continuing tribute to David and to his love for animals and all that he has done for AARF.

To donate to this fund, please earmark the donation to be for the David Johnson Fund or the Lehigh fund.