This is the AARF logo, which shows shows three animals on a yellow life raft: a small black and white kitten, a larger brown dog with a collar (a symbol of good animal care practice) and a small black and white dog. Grey clouds suggest an urgent need to find good homes for these animals. The raft (floating on blue waves representing the Caribbean sea surrounding Anguilla) shows that these animals have protectors in AARF and its many supporters. Finally, the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, signifying hope for these deserving animals.

Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation

Anguilla, British West Indies

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Available for Adoption and AARF News

September 15, 2020

AARF is 20! Please Celebrate with us!

AARF 20 years old graphic

AARF has now reached the age of 20! (That is human years, not dog years.)

And we plan to celebrate even in this terrible times.

First, we are excited to kick announce that we have great new merchandise to celebrate our 20th Anniversary.


New Styles


We have a limited edition AARF 20th Anniversary shirts in many styles and colors, including brand new styles we have never had before:

  • Long Sleeve T–shirt
  • Unisex T–shirt
  • Pullover Hoodie
  • Baseball T–shirt
  • Women–s Slim-Fit T–shirt
  • Youth Unisex T–shirt
  • Youth Crewneck Sweatshirt
  • Youth Baseball T–shirt

Check them out here:

And these days, we all need a face mask. So we have a unique AARF Face Mask:

Second, keep following our following pages for updates on our 20 Years of AARF Activities.



We are working on a new look for our web site. Stay tuned!

photo with a dog on a beach looking at the camera with text AARF

At Our Adoption Center/Shelter

Available for Adoption

Give a forever home to one of our great puppies, kittens, cats and dogs!

We especially welcome visitors who can easily adopt and take a new family member home on the plane! See below.

Here are photos of our available pets. Click on any image for an enlargement. You can also see our pets on AARF's Instagram Adoption page at: aarfadoptions (renamed on March 26 from aarf_adoption).

Visiting Anguilla and Want to Adopt a Pet to Take Home with You?

It’s very easy to do — and hundreds have done so over the years!

We will happily assist any visitor wanting to adopt one of our shelter pets and take him or her home with you! It is very easy to do: you need some simple paperwork, a few travel supplies, and then you take your pet home with you!

Check out just a few of the many adopted Anguillian dogs and cat on the Anguillian Pet Owners Facebook group:

Visit our shelter to see and play with our available pets. (The hours are on this page in the right hand column.)

Take a loving part of Anguilla home with you!


AARF Instagram Accounts

We now have two Instagram accounts:

We use one account for photos of our pets who are up for adoption and one as a standard Instagram account that we can use to post photos.


  • Second Chances Would Love Your Donations!

    Our Thrift Store provides a major source of funding allowing for our Shelter, pets up for adoption, Spay and Neuter and other programs. Please donate your gently used clothing, housewares and fully working electronics and other goods.

    You can bring the donations to the store, or to our drop box at the Catholic Church in The Valley.

    Second Chances is looking for all kinds of donations, including:

    • Men’s clothing
    • Ultra Fine Sharpies
    • ball point pens
    • Curtains and other linens
    • Household items
    • Toys and games
    • DVDs in working condition. Have some that you don’t want them any more? We’ll happily take them!
    • Electronics in working order, including any charging bricks or cables needed to use the electronics.
    • Suitcases

    To donate or find out more, please see our Second Chances page.


About AARF

Information in a Nutshell

Please check out our recently completed set of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) which we created in response to several good questions and comments we have gotten.

Shelter Hours of Operation

The shelter and AARF are open for veterinary and adoptions.

However, During the COVID&ndash19 emergency, Morlens and AARF are temporarily closed to walk–ins.

Please make an appointment before coming to the hospital/clinic/shelter. Details are on the Morlens Facebook page.

At the moment, the Morlens clinic hours are:

Monday–Saturday from 8:30am–1:00 pm.

(However, due to feeding and cleaning of AARF pets, the shelter hours may be different.)

Morlens lists their open hours on their Facebook page and their web site. Our AARF shelter hours are shorter than the clinic’s to allow for cleaning and feeding.

Contact info

Phone numbers:

  • AARF shares a phone with Morlens. Please call the main office number for adoption and AARF animal concerns, especially if they are time sensitive. It’s always a good thing to email us about adoptions and other issues.
  • Morlens: (264) 497–4600 (office)
  • Morlens: (264) 581–4600 (after hours emergency)

Email (This is in a graphic for security):

graphic showing the aarfinfo email address

Anguilla Animal Rescue Corporation (in the USA)

The physical mailing address in the United States (for U.S. donors wanting to send a tax–deductible check) is here.

Directions to AARF

The AARF adoption center and rescue shelter is in the Morlens building. Click on the image or here for a a map and directions. See above for hours.

Map to AARF and Morlens

Social Media


  • AARF Anguilla is our main Facebook page for AARF postings of news and fun things
  • Anguillian Pet Owners is a group comprised of people who have adopted our pets and love to post pictures of their dogs and cats.


We have two Instagram accounts; one only used for photos of our pets up for adoption and one as a standard Instagram account that we use to post photos, stories and other items.

Email Broadcast List (Newsletter–type emails sent infrequently)

  • AARFUpdate is our one way, low–volume email list. Since we control all postings, and we only send few emails, you only get news from us and no spamming from members or outsiders. It’s a great way to get newsletter–like postings from us. Sign up is required; follow the link to subscribe, unsubscribe, etc. (You control everything!)

About AARF

Map of the Caribbean showing location of Anguilla

Anguilla is where?


Sandy, AARF poster boy

The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation (AARF) is a non–profit organization dedicated to the welfare of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens on the Caribbean island of Anguilla.

Founded in September 2000, we are 100% unpaid and 100% volunteer–driven with an adoption center and rescue shelter (map) located within Anguilla’s only veterinary clinic.

Anguilla is a very small island which lies about 140 miles east of Puerto Rico. It’s very small — only 16 miles long by 3 miles wide. The land area is about 35 square miles, or about 91 km2. (If you want to learn more about Anguilla, here are a few pointers to more bits of information.)

The population is about 14,000 and the ratio of pets to those owners wanting pets is very high. Most people who want a pet have one, but there are many animals available.

And what great dogs and cats we have! Because of mixing over time, our dogs and cats are smart, have excellent personalities and are great looking too. They are in such great demand that dozens each year are adopted by visitors, and once their friends meet out about them, by their friends.

AARF History and Quick Tour

Founded in 2000, our history is summarized in an article covering our our ten year anniversary.

We have a short 3 minute video that shows our shelter. Links to various sizes and formats are lower down on this page in this column.

Mission Statement

Our mission:

Promote the welfare of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens on Anguilla.

We work to accomplish that mission via several activities and programs. Specifically, we:

  • Maintain an adoption center and rescue shelter that takes in unwanted animals.
  • Provide for adoptions of healthy animals at a reasonable cost.
  • Socialize incoming animals to make them adoptable.
  • Educate the public in the humane treatment and care of animals. In particular, we have an education program that visits school children with a classroom presentation several times a year and we publish articles in the nation’s newspaper and tourist literature.
  • Attempt to reduce the population of unwanted animals through education and by providing spay and neuter surgery to new adopters and with targeted Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) programs. We provide for need–based spays and neuters on a case by case basis. Our Spay and Neuter program is making a tangible difference: even repeat visitors have commented on the difference!

More About AARF

We are an established non–profit corporation and have a subsidiary corporation in Florida (the Anguilla Animal Rescue Corporation or AARC) that has been granted U.S. 501(c)(3) status.

We receive no funding at all from any source; 100% of our budget comes from donations, fundraisers and the sale of a small amount of merchandise. Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) minutes talk about our finances and accomplishments. Our AGM minutes can be found here.

If you would like to help, please see our How to Help page.

PayPal logo We have a PayPal account linked to AARC to make it easy to donate (and allowing for tax deduction) to AARF.

Click on the graphic on the navigation bar on this and many of our main pages. It’ll lead to our revamped “How to Help AARF” page. Thanks very much in advance to for wanting to help AARF.

Contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Also, please join our low–volume, one–way announce aarfupdate email list, which provides up to the minute information about happenings. We also have a two–way forum on Facebook for everyone to post news and items of interest.

We Have a Video!

We have a short 3 minute video that describes us and shows our shelter. See it in various sizes (smallest to largest):

The video was generously done for us by Encyclomedia while they were here on Anguilla filming another project.

Web Site Notes

Click on images with a thick gray border (such as the one around Sandy the dog above) for an enlargement or for more information.