The AARF logo shows three animals on a yellow AARF life raft, floating on the sea with gray clouds; sunlight peeks down on them, representing hope.

Adopted North American Pets Gallery

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AARF animals in the USA and Canada!

December 01 — Latest Additions are Shown First

We have added this photo gallery showing some of our adoptions to the USA and Canada. Hover over any thumbnail to see a larger version (you may need to wait a short time to load and then show the image). If you want an enlargement, then click on the image. (Use your back button to return).

These are only a few of them!

Is your puppy, kitten, dog missing? Send us a photo, the largest you have (640 x 480 or larger at a minimum, since we often crop and edit it) with names (yours too!) to the webmaster link which is the Contact Us page of our web site.

Calypso team: Maurice, Erica, Captain

Also, if you have a Anguilla pet, there is a new Facebook group that you can join and post not only a picture, but a short story or update about him/her. It’s called Anguillian Pet Owners. Join up! We would love to see photos, backstories and updates.

February 2, 2014: reversed the order of the images; the newest (the latest additions) are first.

Also: many of these traveled in style: on the Calypso ferry which goes straight to the airport. We want to give special thanks to the Calypso team, especially Erica and Maurice who work on the front lines to help our organization. (More about Calypso here.)