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December 2020

This page has been replaced by the Contacts section of the updated web site.

This page has been replaced by the Contacts section of the updated web site. Please refer to the new page as this one is no longer maintained. Eventually, this page will be deleted.

Emergencies, Vets, AARF, Anguilla Police and More


This page has phone numbers and contact information for AARF and other vets as well as for emergencies, injured/sick/dead animals and animal cruelty issues.

Morlens Veterinary Clinic is Anguilla’s vet clinic, and specializes (only) in dogs and cats. Dr. Garry Swanston,is the lead Morlens veterinarian; other vets alternate working at Morlens.

The AARF Animal Shelter and Rescue/Adoption Shelter is in the same building as Morlens and is open when they are open.

The Department of Agriculture handles animals other than dogs and cats. Their phone is (264) 497–2615.

The Department of Agriculture or the Royal Anguilla Police Force handle instances of witnessed animal cruelty.

The Department of Environmental Health handles dead animals (say on sides of roads). Call (264) 497–2631.

Quick Checklist

Here is a quick checklist for common issues (most links go somewhere on this page):

  • Contact AARF for anything related to adoptions, rescue, our shelter, thrift store, donations, etc. AARF does not do veterinary work; contact Morlens Veterinary Clinic for anything medical.
  • Morlens Veterinary Clinic:

    Emergency, daytime: Morlens — when it is open. Call (264) 497–4600. Their open hours are just below and are also on the Morlens web site.

    Emergency, after hours: Morlens emergency. Call (264) 581–4600.

    Routine, daytime pet care, Anguilla: Morlens daytime hours and contact info. Call (264) 497–4600 for best response. Here is their email address.

  • Injured dogs and cats: can be taken to Morlens. If not a medical emergency or if transport to Morlens isn’t possible, the Department of Agriculture or the Police should be notified. You can check with Morlens if unsure.
  • Routine, daytime pet care, Anguilla: Pelican Mobile Pet Care. They provide routine (not emergency care) services.
  • Vets on St. Maarten and St. Martin: lower on this page (which goes to our links page).
  • Witnessed cruelty and abuse: contact the Royal Anguilla Police force (aka RAPF).
  • Dog or cat suffering from neglect or other problem (a common one is an emaciated dog or cat, a tied up dog that is suffering or a stray). For these issues:
    Contact the the Department of Agriculture or the Police with as many details as possible: description, location, date and time observed, and keep a record of who was spoken to as well as any emails. Legally, AARF cannot take action — this is the Government of Anguilla’s domain. There is always the issue of whether the dog or cat has an owner. In such cases, Agriculture can secure permission to take further action. You can always let AARF know when and who was contacted.
  • Dead animals: report to Department of Environmental Health: (264) 497–2631.
  • Tourists may also wish to contact high level members of the Government and the Anguilla Tourist Board.


AARF’s contact information is below, including our phone number.

Anguilla Vets and Emergencies (Vet Clinic and Police)

  • Morlens Veterinary Clinic specializes (only) in dogs and cats, and is the emergency vet clinic. Contact them for cat/dog emergencies and for routine office matters concerning your pet.

    Morlens lists their open hours on their web site, but in general, opens at 8:30am M–F and 9am on Saturday.

    AARF is open:

    • Mon: 10:00 am–12:30 pm and 3:30–5:30 pm
    • Tue: 10:00 am–12:30 pm and 3:30–5:30 pm
    • Wed: 10:00 am–12:30 pm and 3:30–5:30 pm
    • Thu: 10:00 am–12:30 pm ONLY (closed in the afternoon)
    • Fri: 10:00 am–12:30 pm and 3:30–5:30 pm
    • Sat: 10:00 am–1:00 pm

    Morlens Regular Hours (Normal Business and Emergencies)

    Morlens location

    The Clinic’s location is on the Eastern side of the island, in Sandy Hill, near the Sandy Hill roundabout. Here is a OUR map and information to Morlens (or click the image to the right).

    The Morlens Veterinary Clinic’s main daytime (main office) phone number is:

    (264) 497–4600.

    Alternatively, and especially for emergencies (after hours), call:

    (264) 581–4600.

    During regular Vet Clinic hours, call it both for emergencies and for routine office matters such as appointments. Appointments are recommended when possible.

    graphic with the word note Once adoptions occur, the pet records are transferred over to Morlens — and the pets become patients of Morlens.

    Please make an appointment whenever possible. We also advise you to call ahead to see if the clinic is busy if dropping in.

    Email for Morlens (this is an image, not a link):

    graphic showing Morlens email address

    Dr. Garry Swanston is the lead Morlens veterinarian.

    Here is a link to the Morlens web site.

  • Morlens (After Hours Emergencies)

    Anguilla Vet Emergency (off hours) is:

    (264) 581–4600. This is the Morlens vet. Call this number for after–hours emergencies. You can also try the vet at the Sint Maarten phone. Try:

    • 1 721 587 1838
    • 1 721 587 2838
    • 1 721 559 0755

    Here is a link to a map and directions to Morlens. The clinic is in Sandy Hill to the East of Best Buy and Tropical Flower.

  • Pelican Mobile Pet Care

    Drs. Michael and Georgia Paul have opened Pelican Mobile Pet Care, and they’ll come to your location. They provide routine (not emergency care) services, including:

    • Routine health examinations
    • Vaccinations
    • Heartworm testing and prevention
    • Parasite treatment and prevention

    See their web site for more or contact them via phone or email:

    • (264) 583–0373

    email address of Pelican Pet Care

  • Vets on Sint Maarten and Saint Martin

    We have links (including maps) to veterinarians in Sint Maarten and Saint Martin (the Dutch and French sides) on our Links page.

    Note that Dr. Garry Swanston, our Anguilla vet at Morlens, also runs the St. Maarten Veterinary Clinic on the Dutch side by Kooyman. Follow the above link for directions and information about that clinic.

  • Anguilla Police (Royal Anguilla Police Force or RAPF)

    Anguilla Police: (264) 497–2333. Use for witnessed animal cruelty or other issues.

    For any 911–type emergency, call 911.

  • Department of Agriculture

    The Department of Agriculture handles all animals (Morlens and AARF specialize in dogs and cats only).

    • (264) 497–2615

    email address of Anguilla Department of Agriculture

    They also handle the pet import (into Anguilla) permission process, which you need each time you bring a pet to Anguilla. Call or email them for a permission form. They need the date you are arriving, pet name, pet type and description (example: Fluffy, long haired cat), and of course your contact information. If needed, they can fax you the permission form.

    For pets leaving Anguilla:

    Travelers with pets going to (or transiting Sint Maarten) are now required to obtain a permit from the St. Maarten government.

    This Sint Maarten permit is required in addition to the Anguilla–side Morlens Health Certificate that will be needed if you take your pet out of Anguilla.

    We suggest you contact Morlens who can help you through the process.

    Morlens may tell you to file for an application for the permit; at this writing, it should be obtained from the Inspection Department by sending an email to The Inspection Department does not seem to have a web site, but another resource is our highly professional friends at the St. Maarten Veterinary Clinic.

    Follow the St. Maarten process few weeks before traveling to Anguilla.
  • Department of Environmental Health

    The Department of Environmental Health should be notified if you see a dead animal.

    • (264) 497–2631

AARF Contacts

The following section has email, phone and postal contact information. It also has contact instructions for specific AARF members and positions.

E–mail (Our Main AARF Email)

We call our main email account aarfinfo. This is our main and general all–purpose email account. Clicking on this link should create a new email if your email client supports it (but Javascript needs to be enabled.)

Use aarfinfo for questions about AARF, adoptions, the adoption center, our Second Chances Thrift store, merchandise, programs, events, the aarfinfo email list, donations, feedback, your pet travel experiences, anything Anguilla–related — or just to drop us a line.

If there is a problem with our email link (most likely due to Javascript being disabled), here is a is a graphical version of the aarfinfo email address:

email for AARF


To contact AARF by phone about adoptions, shelter information or AARF animal issues, please call the main Morlens office number:

  • (264) 497–4600

However, Emailing or messaging via our Facebook page is always a great way to contact us, especially for AARF issues not directly related to adoption/shelter/animal issues.

Please leave your return number with your area or country code as needed, your name, and best hours/days to call you back. Due to the expense, we cannot return long distance (international) calls. We ask instead that you email us.

Time zone note: Anguilla is on Atlantic Standard Time (AST) for the entire year; our time never changes. This means that any country that changes times during the year (such as the USA with its Daylight Savings and Standard clock resetting extravaganzas and instituted jet lags) will see its time (relative to Anguilla time) slide forwards or backwards during the year. We explain time zones in a little more detail here.

For emergencies, please see the phone numbers at the top of this page.

Shelter/Adoption Center. Drop By!

Morlens, Anguilla’s vet hospital and the AARF adoption center/shelter are both in the same building in Sandy Hill. Here is a map and information about hours and contacts.

AARF is open when Morlens is open; please see above for the hours.

Postal Mail

Our postal mail address in Anguilla is:

  • AARF
  • P.O. Box RI–4228
  • Anguilla, BWI AI–2640

The Anguilla Animal Rescue Corporation, AARC for short (our Florida subsidiary for tax deductible donations) is:

    graphic with AARC mailing address

Graphic with the word note This is a new address as of July 15, 2020.

Please make sure all lines are visible on the mailing label.

Specific AARF members or Positions by E–mail

Note: on this page we are using a technique to hide email addresses from spammers and zombie robots that crawl through web sites to harvest email addresses. We do this by using special hyperlinks.

Please click on any one of the appropriate links to email accounts or individuals below to create an email using your email application. We have a general AARF Info email account and email accounts for our Executive Committee and other volunteers.

What should happen is that your email application should open/launch and create a new email that is pre–addressed to the right person. Your email client needs to support our scheme and Javascript must be enabled; if it is not, you'll get an error message.

If you have problems with one of these links, use the alternate email method described below which will put up a graphic with an address you can copy by hand. If even the graphical method fails, AARF Officer, Chair and other members are listed by name below and you can use one of the other ways to reach us.

Individuals: Executive Committee Members, Chairpeople, Webmaster, etc.

To contact individual members, use one of the links below.


Committee Chairpersons:


Contact the webmaster with feedback about the AARF web site. This can be anything that relates to the web site’s pages, newsletters, images, graphics, bad grammar, etc.

Let us know about anything you like, dislike, and especially if things don’t work as expected.

If you write in, please tell us, in a sentence or two, what you tried to do or expected — and what happened. To help us reproduce the problem, also please tell us about your Operating System (OS), version (such as Windows 7/Vista/XP, OS X or Linux), and which application (Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Outlook, Apple Mail) you used.

Alternate E–mail (no Javascript)

Problems with our above links? If there is a problem with any of our email links listed (most likely due to Javascript being disabled), try either our main or webmaster email address:

email address of webmaster

email address of aarf info account

Roster of Officers and Chairpersons

Here are the names of our Officers, Chairpersons and webmaster:


  • President: Denise Graves
  • Vice President: Suzie Donahue
  • Treasurer: Estelle Slade
  • Secretary: Adrienne Guide (New Board member for 2020)
  • Members–at–large (2): Sarah Hicks and Johanna Pasila
  • U.S. Directors (2): Mark Baumwell and Suzie Donahue

Committee Chairpersons (Chairpersons are also Executive Committee Members)

  • Adoptions: Vanessa Croft
  • Communications: Mark Baumwell
  • Education:Johanna Pasila
  • Fundraising: Sarah Hicks
  • Membership: Jackie Pascher
  • Policies and Procedures: Denise Graves
  • Shelter: Suzie Donahue
  • Spay and Neuter: Suzie Donahue
  • Thrift Store: Denise Graves and Sarah Hicks


  • Mark Baumwell

Officer and Chair Duties

The roster of executive and chair members are:



Preside at Board meetings; exercise general supervision. When applicable, be the official face of AARF.

Vice President

Back up the President.


Prepare meeting agendas, secure meeting place if needed. Record meeting minutes, edit if needed and and send the resulting minutes to the Board/Chair members. Board members send summaries to the Secretary, so editing is minimal.


This is obviously an extremely important position. The Treasurer does all the things one would expect from this position, doing the accounting, keeping and managing the books and overseeing all aspects of the financial ecosystem. Duties include:

Receive and be responsible for all funds, dues, donations and other incoming revenue. Must keep a financial account of the AARF financial ecosystem. Keep an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements. Present a written report at the Annual General Meeting. As needed, submit all books of accounts for audit. Answer to the Executive Committee on demand. Prepare and propose an annual budget (discuss with the Board). Review proposals and recommendations from other committees with regard to financial feasibility. Deliver to any newly elected Treasurer all money, vouchers, books and papers, with a supplementary report covering all transactions to date.

Member at Large (there are two Members at Large)

Members at large must chair one of the standing chair positions.

Chair Positions

Approved by the Executive Committee, Chair position duties are as follows.


Oversee adoptions, both local and international (for example, the Puppy (and kitten) Express Program). Advertise adoptable animals via web site, Facebook, email and other media. Work closely with Morlens staff and AARF shelter manager. Keep adoption records and report regularly to the Executive Committee. Enlist volunteers and delegate as needed.


Oversee communications from AARF to the media, social networking, donors, and more. While various members can and do much of the communication, this position insures the tone, look and feel, etc. are consistent with our professional organization. Enlist volunteers and delegate as needed.


Oversee AARF efforts to educate the populace about pet care, pet health, AARF, etc. Often accomplished via articles, press releases, brochures, visits to schools (we think that reaching the younger population is important), social media and more. Enlist volunteers and delegate as needed.


Oversee and help design various fund raising events that are held each year. Enlist volunteers and delegate as needed.

Volunteers and Membership

Oversee our membership and volunteers base. Keep track of members and notify and thank them as needed.

Policies and Procedures

Develop and update policies and plans that will help the animals and serve the community. Periodically review existing bylaws and as needed, recommend changes to the Executive Committee.


Work closely with Morlens Veterinary Clinic Staff and Veterinarians to insure that the AARF Shelter is managed according to the AARF guidelines and the animals at the shelter are examined and approved for adoption in a timely manner. Enlist volunteers and delegate as needed.

Insure that AARF surgeries are done when needed, that all AARF forms are updated, printed and provided for the Morlens staff, that AARF monthly vet bills are examined and paid in a timely manner, that shelter cash is always available and shelter receipts are delivered to the AARF treasurer.

Answer incoming calls to the AARF phone (essentially check voicemail; however very few calls come to this phone); oversee incoming emails to AARF regarding the shelter to insure they are answered. Enlist volunteers and delegate as needed.

Spay and Neuter

Plan, promote, requess donations and keep records regarding annual free spay/neuter clinic for dogs and cats of Anguilla as well as supplies ongoing list of adoptions ready for surgery. Record and have reports documenting completed monthly total surgeries. Oversee events that may be held to promote Spay and Neuter. Enlist volunteers and delegate as needed.

Thrift Store

Schedule the thrift store volunteers, order items as needed, insure that the store runs smoothly. Enlist volunteers and delegate as needed.



Make changes to the web site including the email list, member email accounts, create/edit/oversee other technical sites, such as FaceBook, Instagram, etc. Keep all such resources fresh and error free. Help with other technical aspects of AARF as needed (example: shelter photography system widget).

Time Zones

Anguilla is on Atlantic Standard Time (AST) which never adjusts its time. Anguillians don’t Spring Forward or Fall Back. Note that Puerto Rico is also on AST year–round.

Fall, Winter and Early Spring

For those in the USA, on the first Sunday in November, Standard Time begins. Everyone sets their clocks back one hour. This lasts until early Spring.

Anguilla does not join in on the fun. So when the USA “falls” back, Anguilla becomes one hour ahead of Eastern Time (i.e. 9 a.m. EST equals 10 a.m. Anguilla time). On the West Coast, it’s a big 4 hour difference (9 am West Coast == 1 pm Anguilla time).

Want someone in Anguilla to call you? Keep that in mind. If you live on the West Coast, that 9 a.m. Anguilla caller will get you up at 5 am! Ask us how we know…

Spring, Summer and Fall

From the second Sunday in March, Daylight Savings Time (or DST) begins. Everyone in the USA sets clocks forward and catches back up with AST. In other countries, the term is “summer time”.

Anguilla time then reverts to being the same as Eastern Time (that is, 9 am EDT == 9 am Anguilla time; 9 am on the West Coast translates to noon Anguilla time). This lasts until the falling backwards day in the Fall.

For Everyone: Anguilla UTC/Greenwich Time Settings

Relative to Coordinated Universal Time (abbreviated as UTC) aka Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), Anguilla is UTC/GMT–4. See below for converters.

Spring Forward and Fall Back When?

Some upcoming U.S. changeover dates are:


  • March 8 (Spring Forward)
  • November 1 (Fall Back)


  • March 14 (Spring Forward)
  • November 7 (Fall Back)

Of course, it can’t be that simple! It turns out that time changes occur on a bunch of different dates for different countries and regions.

For information about DST time changes, this site will tell you more than you probably want to know about DST and a lot more.

Conversion questions? Do you want to or have to know when the time changes in Lord Howe Island, Australia? How about what time is is anywhere in the world? For that, you need a spiffy world clock. Here are some:

  • Time and Date has a graphical Interactive Time Zone map. (See graphic to the right.)
  • Also cool: Time and Date’s World Clock. Type in a place and find out its current time.
  • The time server at worldtimeserver’s site lets you view locations by countries, major cities or favorite locations.
  • 24 Time Zones has a graphical World Clock too.

And in its quest to dispense knowledge about just about anything, Wikipedia can be consulted to find out DST time changes and other minutiae.