The Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation is an all-volunteer, 100% unpaid organization which receives no government funding.

We are an established non–profit corporation and have a subsidiary corporation in Florida. The Anguilla Animal Rescue Corporation (or AARC) has been granted U.S. 501(c)(3) status. Here is the IRS letter of Determination). 

All of our funding comes from generous private donations from our supporters, income from AARF events, sales of a small bit of merchandise, and from our Second Chances Thrift Store. Donations raised go entirely to rescue and rehabilitation of dogs and cats on Anguilla, education initiatives, and our Spay/Neuter Programme.

We are very grateful for your support.
None of this would be possible without your generosity.
The dogs and cats of Anguilla thank you. 

Make a  tax-deductable donation by mailing a check:
Anguilla Animal Rescue Corporation — c/o Mark Baumwell
549 Lakeshore Blvd.
Apt. 3
Incline Village, NV

Two Anguilla Dogs on the beach with an AARF volunteer
A small brown Anguilla Dog

Make a donation locally directly to our shelter: 

Visit our shelter at the Morlens Vet Clinic in Sandy Hill, Anguilla. While you're there, you can enjoy playing with the available puppies and kittens. 


When you donate to Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation, you have the option of specifying where your money goes. We have 4 funds through which we channel designated financial donations. Unspecified donations go toward the cost of general shelter maintanence. 

Our free spay/neuter programme runs twice yearly and is essential to the reduction of unwanted births. Money specified for this fund covers the cost of surgeries, trap and release, transportation, advertising and educational materials. 

As much as we want to be a no-kill shelter, it is not a responsible or viable option on an island with a small population and even smaller percentage of available homes for surrendered animals. Each surrender is given a minimum of 14 business days from the time they are released from observation to be rigorously promoted by AARF for adoption.
In some cases, when this period ends, and no home is found, we will re-evaluate and grant an extension for the animal if the shelter is not already at capacity. Extensions are pricey as the longer a dog or cat is in the shelter, the more medical and boarding costs are incurred. We are very stringent with funds and with new surrenders coming in weekly, it is difficult to afford extensions without financial contributions from our supporters. 
Money specified for this fund covers the cost of an individual dog's boarding and medical expenses for a minimum of 14 business days.

Created in 2014, Carita's Educational Fund benefits animal welfare, education and the environment of Anguilla. The fund began with a donation from AARF supporter Carita from Finland and is now managed by the Education Committee. Money from this fund has been used for educational projects in schools, the creation of educational billboards, financing both AARF campaigns and larger start-up projects, and the 2018 free dog training classes.

A special fund to assist with dogs and cats in the West End originally created in 2008 by a donation from a family of guests at Cap Juluca. Managed by long time AARF member Suzie Donahue, this fund focuses on assisting with the care and needs of animals in West End and Long Bay when the owner is unable to do so.
Money specified for this fund covers the cost of providing services which may include heartworm prevention, flea & tick medications, emergency food and transportation for spay/neuter surgeries when requested, as well as the feeding and trap-neuter-release of four feral cat colonies in the Western part of Anguilla.

Two brown puppies sitting together on a bench


What we do is not possible without a dedicated team of volunteers.
There are many areas where you can help out.

Second Chances Thrift Store

Donations of household items, clothing, books and games are always needed to keep our thrift store well-stocked. We also welcome volunteers to staff the store and assist with organising merchandise. 

Events and Fundraisers

Volunteers with outgoing personalities and stellar organisational skills are always needed to help out with events and fundraisers.

A volunteer at the rescue receives kisses from three dogs

Puppy Pal Shelter Volunteer

Dogs are social animals and benefit greatly from human interaction. Our shelter dogs love daily playtime and snuggles with our shelter volunteers.  

Register as a Foster Home

We keep a database of available foster homes for special cases. Sometimes fosters can be called upon when a litter of puppies or kittens needs round the clock care, or if a surrendered dog could benefit from more socialsation.

A rescue puppy wears Christmas-themed collar

Our Wishlist

Visit our shelter and drop off any of the following:
Dog & Cat Beds


Branded AARF Gear is a fashionable way to show you care about our puppies and kittens. It also makes a great Anguilla souvenir!

Available at the Shelter Desk at Morlens Veterinary Clinic as well as at Sea Spray Boutique by the Sandy Ground Roundabout.


Shirts & Hats

Our hats and 100% cotton tees are a great way to show you support the Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation. We have a variety of sizes for adults, teens and kids.


Reusable Tumblers

These high-quality tumblers are great for hot or cold beverages. Show your support for AARF while also helping the environment. 



Stay on trend with our versitle AARF sticker. Use it as a bumper sticker, on a laptop, or anywhere else you want to show your support for the animals in Anguilla. 


Drink Totes 

Make grocery shopping or a trip to the beach a breeze with our retro logo resusable drink totes made from recycled plastic. 

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