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When you adopt one rescue animal, you save two lives-- the life of your dog or cat and the life of the next unwanted animal needing a place in the shelter. Our blog follows the happy endings for Anguilla Dogs and Cats as well as other fun updates we might have.

Milo and his big sister, Mila, enjoy weekly trips to the beach. When Milo was at our shelter, he had no idea what a fun life was in store for him. He was adopted by Greg who decided it was time to get his rottweiler a companion. Now, these two are an inseperable pair.

An AARF rescue puppy plays in the ocean with a larger dog
A white rescue dog poses with her new family

Going home day is happy for everyone.

A black dog with pointy ears on the beach in Anguilla

Chapo's new life with Kourtney and Cheeto means lots of beach days.
This is a far cry from starting out being dumped at the Anguilla landfill. 

The Omololu International School's 7th Grade Class held a food drive for our shelter to learn about how to design a campaign to raise awareness for a charity.

As part of their Social Studies programme, the Omololu International School Grade 7 class is focusing on becoming well-rounded global citizens who live with intent. Part of this initiative began with the students designing a campaign to collect pet food for the Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation (AARF). Students worked together to design a logo, create posters, flyers and a slogan for the pet food drive.

The activity ended with a visit to the shelter.

Students delivered their batch of donations and handed them over to the shelter volunteers. The class was able to learn about AARF and understand the functions of the shelter. Through a tour, students were able to observe how the AARF volunteers take care of the animals. During the visit, they also had the opportunity to play with the rescued animals. Dogs and cats at AARF are frequently advertised for adoption on the their social media pages.

A poster advertising the pet food drive
Students from the Omololu International School donate to the shelter

The Grade 7 students will be raising awareness and collecting donations for other causes in Anguilla as the school year progresses. As a cause of these actions, Grade 7 will be able to give back to the community and learn more things about volunteerism.

Press Release written by Joseph Manasiriphan, Grade 7 

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