Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                    April 2001

Welcome to the first issue of the AARF Newsletter.  We hope that this document will keep you informed about the mission and goals of the organization and the events we plan to bring about those goals.  If there is any particular topic you would like to see addressed in the newsletter, please send email to news@aarf.ai  . 


A Message From The President

Patrick Vanterpool, D.V.M., President AARF

Dear Friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all members to the newly formed Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation, and to thank everyone for appointing me as the first President.  I consider this to be a great honor, and look forward, with the help of all the members to a very active year.

AARF aspires to promote a caring community, which protects its animal population. 

To achieve this goal we must work towards increasing public awareness of our organization. 

By education, we can discourage the uncontrolled breeding of dogs and cats and we can encourage spaying and neutering and thereby reduce the numbers of homeless animals to the ultimate benefit of the livestock farmer from the threat of attack to his flock.

By example, and by organizing “fun” events we can demonstrate the rewards of having an affectionate and devoted family pet in our homes.

I look forward to working with you all during the coming year.

Patrick Vanterpool. 

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  Meet the Executive Committee

President - Patrick Vanterpool, - Patrick is the Country Veterinarian in Anguilla and owns Morlen's Veterinary Hospital.  Since his return to Anguilla, Patrick and Amy Williams (see below) have worked together to help homeless and injured animals and find adoptive homes, without financial support.  Patrick can be found saving anything from an injured bird fallen from a tree, boxes of puppies and kittens left on his office steps at Agriculture, to an injured goat.  We have all benefited from the very high quality of care he provides to our companion animals.  He will bring that same quality to AARF and continue his work of the past 7 years.   
Treasurer - Barbara Owen - Barbara is Manager of All Island Cable Television.  Barbara and her husband, native Anguillian Oliver Owen of North Hill, have always had a love of animals.  Upon returning to live in Anguilla 5 years ago their concern for the well-being of all the animals, both domestic and farming, led them to be dedicated to the foundation of an Organization that will protect the interest of the animals.  Over the past 5 years they have taken in homeless animals and either kept them or found a suitable home for them.  They are committed through AARF to assist in any way possible to educate, especially the children, on the appropriate care and treatment of all animals that God has entrusted to mankind. 
Secretary - Christine Carty  Chris moved to Anguilla from England in the early 1970's, here she married Anguillian Leonard R. Carty, together they run their own business. Always the animal lover, her concerns regarding the welfare of the ever increasing numbers of strays and homeless animals on Anguilla, and the pressure this was placing on the staff of Morlens Veterinary Clinic encouraged her to be one of the founding members of AARF. 
Trustee/Vice President - Joseph N. Payne - Mr. Payne has been Chairman of NBA since 1993 and a Director since 1991.   He was a career police officer in the Leeward Islands for 35 years and served as Commissioner of Police in Anguilla from 1976 to 1990.  He is Past Chairman of the Public Service Commission of Anguilla, Past Chairman of the East End Health Committee, Past President of the Brotherhood of St. Andrew (Anguilla), representative to the Anglican Synod and member of the Anglican Choir.  He was listed in Who's Who in the World in 1996.  Mr. Payne's extensive experience brings great strength to AARF and the long term goal of improving the quality of life for Animals in Anguilla.
Trustee - Amy WilliamsAmy has worked at Morlens Veterinary Hospital since 1994. While living and working on Anguilla she realized the need for the formation of a animal rescue society. Finally her dream has come to a reality and now with the help of AARF; can educate more people and help the many animals in need of humane treatment.
By-laws Committee Chair - Rafael V. M. Cestero - Rafael is a retired physician who has been visiting Anguilla since 1985 and who has been living here full time since 1998.  Born and raised in Puerto Rico, he has always been concerned with the uncontrolled population of domestic animals in the Caribbean islands and hopes that AARF may help improve the control and care of animals in Anguilla.
Education Committee Chair - Michelle Owen-Vasilis  ---Michelle is a local artist and Interior Designer. Although she was born in Canada, she is also Anguillian and has been living in Anguilla for the past 6 years. Her love for animals and especially a soft spot for her five local stray cats lead her to support a cause close to her heart. Michelle believes that through education, particularly of young children,  we can help improve the life of all animals on Anguilla. She is dedicated to assisting  AARF in promoting the humane treatment of her furry friends.
Communications Committee Chair - Jacqueline A. Cestero - Jackie moved to Anguilla with her husband Rafael in 1998 after visiting the island several times annually since 1985.  She is a computer consultant in the United States.  After being introduced to the problems of animals both domestic and farming in Anguilla, she realized the number of individuals who had dedicated their time and resources to help the stray and homeless animals.  It was clear that a formal organization needed to be formed to address this long standing problem and provide financial support for programs which would help improve the quality of life for all animals in Anguilla.  She hopes to be able to communicate the message of the needs of the animals of Anguilla to individuals and to raise the awareness of how much joy and love a well cared for animal can bring to an individual's life.   

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AARF is now accepting members.  Please fill out our membership form and become a member.

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April is Dog Licensing Month

All dogs living in Anguilla over the age of 6 months are required to be licensed by the Government.  Simply go to the Treasury department (far right window) and give the gentleman a description of your dog including colors and the dog's sex.  You will pay a $25EC fee and receive a tag with the year and a license number printed on it.  

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Pet Rescue Stories

Many residents of Anguilla have great pets that they have found through rescue here in Anguilla.  We would like to hear about those special friends and share them with other members of the community.  If you would like to share stories of your furry friends, please send information and any pictures you may have to news@aarf.ai

I found Tilly on the morning of December 30th fiercely defending the trash can she had been dumped by during the night.  My 3 dogs immediately fell in love with her so we brought her home.  She was probably about 6 to 7 weeks old and didn't weigh more than 5 lbs.  Tilly stayed with us for about a week and was eventually featured on Bob Green's Anguilla news page.  Within a few days she was adopted by a Chef here on the island and eventually moved to New York City with him.  I will bet she doesn't weigh 5 lbs any more!

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