This is the AARF logo, which shows three animals on a yellow life raft: a small black and white kitten, a larger brown dog with a collar and a small black and white dog. Grey clouds suggest an urgent need to find good homes for these animals. Floating on blue waves suggesting the Caribbean sea that surrounds Anguilla, the raft shows that these animals have a protector in AARF and its supporters. Finally, the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, representing hope for these deserving animals.

AARF Newsletter 2013, Quarter 1,2

Volume 13, Issue 3

July–September 2013

Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace.

—Albert Schweitzer

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Q1 and Q2 Newsletter


This newsletter covers the first and second quarters of 2013. Much has been happening. We have been issuing lots of status emails on our AARF Update email list (if you haven’t joined, please do so. We keep postings to a low volume, but the have up to date information. OF course, we use our Facebook page very often too. To see our FB postings, you must go to our page and “like” it.

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We’ve had some exciting developments this quarter, which will help us with our programs in what are tough times. Read on.

A Day in the Life of a Volunteer

What do volunteers do on day by day? Just a few things!

  • We spread the word on Facebook, our website, and email.
  • We build things at the shelter to make it nice for our furry friends.
  • We model tee shirts.
  • We provide transportation to dogs and cats who need to get to the clinic.
  • We often have a bag of dog or cat food in our car in case someone we see needs a good meal.
  • We enjoy purrs from kittens.
  • We inhale sweet puppy breath.
  • We spend a lot of time cuddling!

Click on on the collage below to see a gallery of photos (about 60 of them!) to show what we mean.

A day in the life

Puppy Wash

In April, we held our first health fair and puppy wash. It was chaired by Penny Hope–Ross, who is in charge of educational programs for AARF. It was held right in the central part of The Valley on the grounds of the Environmental Health Department, who graciously donated the use of their water. We weren’t sure what to expect and were very pleased to have 39 dogs come for free baths. We distributed information on fleas and ticks, which are very common in Anguilla, and sold flea/tick shampoo. We also spoke to people about spaying and neutering their dogs as well as about AARF’s surgical assistance program.

We had a great group of volunteers: students from the middle schools, high school, medical school students, visitors and regular AARF volunteers. We all got wet while giving baths and had a lot of fun while doing it. It was fun to reunite with some of our adopted dog friends as they arrived for their baths.

Click on on the collage below to see photos of our event.

Puppy Wash

Spaying and Neutering

Spaying and neutering of dogs and cats is clearly a major challenge in Anguilla, and it is a very important part of AARF’s efforts. Everyone who adopts from AARF is required to sign a contract that says they will have the dog or cat spayed/neutered at around six months of age.

We make every attempt to spay those old enough before they are released from the shelter following an adoption. Our low adoption fee includes this surgery, so the only expense to the people is for post-surgical medication, and that is minimal. Morlens staff and Suzie Donahue, our spay/neuter program chair, keep track of surgeries and call to remind people when the surgery is due and to schedule it.

In addition to providing surgeries for AARF adoptees, we also provide financial assistance to dogs and cats throughout Anguilla. Some AARF donors designate their donations be used toward spay and neuter.

There is a special spay fund for Blowing Point dogs, which Althea Turner administers. Other surgeries are paid from the general fund. We know that preventing unwanted litters is critical and we help fund as many spay surgeries as possible.

In 2012 we provided surgeries for 89 female dogs, 41 male dogs, 30 female cats, and 24 male cats - a total of 184 surgeries. In the past ten years, we have provided surgeries for over 1900 cats and dogs.

Yard Sales

AARF’s yard sales are our biggest fund raiser

We hold them every three months at Roy’s Bayside Grill in Sandy Ground

Roy and Mandy are such good friends of AARF, letting us use their facilities, making and selling coffee for customers and giving us all the proceeds, helping in many ways to make the days just right

They even open up for us in September when they are normally closed.

We collect gently used merchandise all year ‘round

Whether it’s a small bag of things or a lot, we very much appreciate every donation

Each item donated helps us with the expenses we have for Anguilla’s animals

Our volunteers meet at the AARF container on an ongoing basis to sort and price items

The day before a yard sale we load trucks and cars

On the morning of a sale, we start unloading at Roy’s at 6:30am and volunteers go nonstop until 1pm, when the last of the unsold items are packed up again and the premises clean

It’s busy and hot and we are exhausted at the end of each yard sale but it’s fun and it’s definitely worth it.

In June of this year we had some puppies at the yard sale, to see if we could reach people who may not know about our shelter and adoption centre, and indeed we did and wound up with five adoptions.

Thank you to everyone who helps at the yard sales, whether donating, volunteering, or shopping

We are always collecting merchandise, which you can drop off at the shelter or at the AARF container behind Anguilla Techni Sales on the North Hill road.

Click on on the collage below to see photos of our event.

Puppy Wash

Valley Street Festival

The street festivals, held every few months, are sponsored by the tourist association and held in The Valley near the People’s Market. AARF attends mainly to be “visible”, because we do not make more than enough to support more than a couple of spays, though those two spays are important!)

Using a booth that the tourist association provides, we sell used books, bottle bags, pet toys, and we have a few things for the kids.

Local vendors sell food (lots of local dishes), artwork, crafts, jewelry, soap, knick knacks, clothing, plants and other wares. It’s a great opportunity to support local vendors and buy some nice things for yourself and as gifts.

There is usually steel pan music provided by a youth group, you can see local folk dancing, a face painter entertains the children, and sometimes there is a drum circle.

If you haven’t been to a street festival, come next time and say hi to us and perhaps do a bit of shopping and try some local dishes.

Click on on the collage below to see photos of our event.

Valley Street Festival

Presentation at Prophecy Preschool

Most children don’t know about dogs as pets — just as guard dogs. As such, they are often fearful of dogs, and since there is no affection for them, we can see some cruelty towards them.

AARF is trying to change that with our ongoing visits to schools. In fact, we want to reach them at an early age. And so, one day at the Prophecy Preschool, a room full of curious preschoolers listened to us talk about the care of dogs and how to recognize and react to different dog behaviors.

After Suzie and Sally talked and showed them visual examples of different behaviors, such as how to recognize happy, frightened, aggressive, and shy, we had the highlight of the morning

Peter Quinn and his two AARF rescues, Sammy and Suki, walked down the aisle of the church. The kids who weren’t paying much attention before all suddenly got engaged, turned their heads and watched the dogs.

We sat in the front of the church and with the assistance of the teachers, each child was invited to come and pet the dogs. For many of them, this was a brand new thing!

About half of the kids chose to do so, and they were very cute to watch. Most were tentative, some kept their distance, and only a few were confident as they petted Suki and Sammy.

It was sad that not more children are used to having dogs as pets, and we tried to tell them and show them that dogs of all ages can be friendly and that they enjoy getting pets, plenty of food and water, exercise, and love.

One of the things we told the children is that if a dog sees you running, he will probably run after you, as he thinks you want to play.

At the end of the morning, Peter asked the children if they would like to see this playtime thing in action, and heads nodded.

He told Sammy and Suki to stay at the front of the church and he walked partway down the aisle. Then he started running and told them to come and they chased him out of the church. Everyone got a good laugh!

Sammy and Suki are naturals, and we hope that they will visit more schools with our volunteers.

A huge thank you goes out to Peter!

We received this email from the school administrator: “it was a pleasure having you all come and share with the children

They had a great time meeting the puppies and viewing them as pets, rather than just guard dogs.”

Valley Street Festival

Happy Tails LOTS OF Adoptions

We post a lot about our puppies and kittens who travel to rescue friends in the U.S.

and Canada, where they are fostered and put up for adoption

Here are some happy photos of puppies and kittens who have been adopted in Anguilla in the past several months

Some were taken off island to their new homes after being adopted and most stayed here.


On a Lighter Note



Until next time, thank you again for all you do for animals and AARF.